Jacksonville Police Hunt Sexual Predator

In a case that has lasted over a year and a half, Jacksonville Police have followed almost twenty different complaints of someone entering women's homes while they sleep.

For the fourth time in the past five months, Tara Watkins was unpleasantly awakened this morning. "When I woke up," Atkins said, "I saw a man standing there and he ran toward the front door and when he got there, he stopped and looked at me."

The man was chased away from the house by Jacksonville Police, escaping twice in a foot chase that lasted over an hour. The suspect has been identified as Fredrick Dixon, a 33 year old black male. Dixon is a registered sex offender in Rusk County who has been previously arrested in Cherokee County for burglary.

Police say they have received six calls matching this M. O. in the past week, a burglar who slips quietly into a house and touches females while they sleep. Each time, he quickly leaves after his victim wakes.

Lt. John Page of the Jacksonville Police Department says, "Based on the nature of the crimes, we're very concerned that this will escalate."

Jacksonville Police have two arrest warrants for Dixon, burglary with intent to committ sexual assault and evading arrest, but they say other charges could be made. At this time, Dixon remains on the loose and the women of Jacksonville hope he is found soon.

Tara Watkins, whose house has been invaded four times, revealed, "I have actually not had a full eight hours sleep in about four weeks."