Fight breaks out at Wal-Mart shelter

A fight broke out at last night at the old Wal-Mart on Troup highway, which is being used as a shelter for 3,000 evacuees from Hurricane Ike.

According to Don Martin, police were called the scene around 11:20 pm when two or three people began fighting. The situation compounded when a crowd gathered near the fight, and authorities on the scene called for backup. At least six Tyler police cruisers and a Tyler Police SUV were on scene, along with other authorities.

Martin said that the extra police were there for crowd control because of the large number of people in the shelter, and because the crowd around the fight was becoming unruly.

The fight was contained to just a few people. One person was sprayed with pepper spray by police and one person was tasered by police during the fight.

Cathryn Khalil /