KLTV 7's Molly Reuter reports on Tyler damage from Ike

Fallen trees, downed power lines and even electrical fires - we saw it all this afternoon as Ike made his way through east Texas.

And out in the storm all day today was KLTV 7's Molly Reuter, who says tree crews will be busy.

It seemed like every time we stopped to take pictures of one fallen tree we heard reports of others.

This tree is a perfect example of why the city of Tyler asked people to stay off the roads today.

A tree fell right across south Broadway blocking traffic. Tyler firefighters were also busy this afternoon responding to electrical fires caused by downed power lines.

Fortunately, firefighters say everyone was able to get out of this home on Belmont Drive before the fire spread. The house did suffer severe fire damage.

Three different trees in about a 30 minute span came tumbling down on this street off Paluxy Drive in Tyler.

Most of the trees I saw today just fell over, but some trees in Tyler neighborhoods literally split in half.

"We were just watching the news and just watching the trees out here and they would be like this and then they would just be swaying like that and then the wind picked up and then that tree would just go over a couple of feet," said Megan Thomasson. "Then this big gust of wind and it just kind of fell over, and we heard the crash."

The best news is so far is that we've not heard any reports of injuries in Tyler, even with all the downed trees.

The winds have really died down out there in Tyler, but earlier today it was hard to stand up at some points.

But again, things are clearing up.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com