Woman rescued from home after tree falls on mobile home

As the winds pick up here in east Texas, so are the reports of damage.

One Troup woman narrowly escaped being crushed by a tree this afternoon when it came tumbling down on her mobile home.

These pictures tell it all: what was once a mobile home is now a mangled mess after this large tree came down right on top of it.

"I knew the lady, and I was worried, so I ran over there as fast, as I could and the tree was just covering the whole room."

John Thedford said he heard the tree crack and fall.

He says he immediately began yelling at the woman inside, not knowing if she was ok.

"I asked her if she was alright and she started yelling she was in the back room and she was ok.

John says he could not get inside the house because both doors were blocked by the tree. He decided to grab a latter and get the woman out through a window.

"I had to stand on the trailor there, so she could stand on my back and then get herself on the latter and we got here down. The guys across the street came over and helped me," said Thedford.

John says all of this happened in a matter of minutes.

"It didn't seem like more than 5 or 10 minutes and the ambulance and police department were already behind me."

Fortunately, we have been told that woman is doing fine. She is now staying with her sister.