KLTV 7's Bob Hallmark reports from Longview

The EOC here in Gregg County is really bracing their waiting and watching to see the progression of Ike.

Already the rain has started and the winds have picked up we've heard reports locally here of winds already kicking up around 40 miles per hour. There have been reports of hundreds of homes in Gregg County that they are already without power now.

Where I'm at right now, this is Lear Park. This is the processing center, at the far end you'll see 200 buses.

Now these buses are not here to bring more evacuees in, these buses are here just in case we need to get people out of Gregg County in case Ike intensifies and causes severe damage here with power outages.

Once again it is a wait and see operation. The EOC is waiting to see if there are any reports of damage in our area. There have been none yet, but as we said the rain is coming and the winds are already picking up, so it is a wait and see operation.

Bob Hallmark / bhallmark@kltv.com