All Tyler shelters full; residents begin preparing for our own bad weather

Some places along the Gulf, a hundred miles from Ike, are already seeing some nasty storm surges, and it's very possible that Galveston will end up under water.

Hundreds of them arrived in Tyler overnight to ride out the storm, though the shelter in Tyler are now full to capacity. Many churches in this area are offering shelter, as well, and hotel rooms are booked solid.

Tyler police tell us since three yesterday afternoon, nearly a hundred buses have moved through the city's evacuee registration center. At the time our crews were there, more than 25 buses were backed up as officials looked for shelters to send them to.

All of these evacuees need a path to safety. These are the east Texas roads that have been designated as evacuation routes by TX-DOT.

Highway 69 in Cherokee and Smith counties.

Highway 259 in Rusk and Gregg counties.

And in Anderson county, Highway 287.

All of these highways are expected to see heavy traffic, and you are encouraged to avoid these routes if at all possible.

Cathryn Khalil /