Stalled freighter faces Ike off Galveston

Twenty-two men aboard a 584-foot freighter adrift in the Gulf of Mexico face riding out Hurricane Ike -- if it's too dangerous for a rescue attempt.

The Coast Guard now says it's looking at the range of the aircraft it has access to in case a rescue is needed.

The stalled ship is about 90 miles southeast of Galveston -- on the path of Ike, which could make landfall overnight.

Petty Officer Tom Atkeson told The Associated Press that the Coast Guard is in constant communication with the ship via Marine radio.

Atkeson identified the vessel as the Antalina.

He says the freighter is registered out of Cypress and owned by Perovo (puh-ROH'-voh) Shipping. The operator is TEO Shipping.

Atkeson also says there -no- indication that the ship is taking on water.

Information assist from KUHF Radio:

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