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8/16/02 - East Texas

Lotto Scam Hits East Texas

An East Texas man loses hundreds of dollars in a lottery scam, and he's not the first. Authorities say the latest victim is a 78-year man in Van Zandt County.

The man was contacted by a scam artist who told him he won a million dollars in a "Canadian Lottery." The only catch was he had to wire $680 to Motreal, Canada, to get it. The man sent his first payment, and was then ask to send another. Fortunately, a branch manager at WoodForest National Bank in Canton recognized the scam and advised her customer to call police. The victim was able to get a refund on $780 he sent yesterday...but his initial payment is gone.

Van Zandt County authorities are now investigating this scam, and believe other people have been contacted. Lenora Reed, branch manager at WoodForest National Bank, says another senior in Athens was approached by a similar scam.

Authorities say no legitimate lottery makes winners pay for their prize.

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