Sulphur Springs Enjoys The National Stage

Everywhere you look in Sulphur Springs, you see it. They know who they're rooting for, and they know exactly where they're playing.

"It's been a very big deal," Krista Coleman said. "Everybody that comes in our store is asking if ESPN is really coming, they're really excited about it."

As if a 2-0 record wasn't enough, the Wildcats take the national stage tonight against Wichita Falls Rider. The Wildcat fans want ESPN to see their city is a sea of blue and gold.

"Everybody, the businesses, the schools, the churches, everybody has really gotten behind it," Tom Sellers said.

"It's really something for such a small town," Coleman said, "anything coming to town is exciting."

This game is already a sellout, and the Wildcat fans want to show everybody they're supporting their team.

"Sulphur Springs backs its schools, period," Lee Teetes said. "Certainly tonight beyond question, but they do it all the time."

"Maybe not to the extent as tonight," Teetes laughed, "but the community really does care about its kids."

"ESPN has announced it's a national broadcast, so there might be seventy or eighty million people watching. We'll show the folks in the whole country how welcoming Sulphur Springs is to everybody."

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