Dr. Bryan C. Jack students remember namesake who died on 9/11

Seven years later, the youngest of east Texans honor and remember those we lost on 9-11. As you may know, Jack Elementary in Tyler is named after Dr. Bryan Jack.

He was on Flight 77 when it was flown into the Pentagon. As KLTV 7's Courtney Lane shows us, his memory lives on through these little patriots.

Flags fly at half-staff today. Inside, a memorial to Dr. Bryan C Jack, so these young Patriots can learn and remember.

"I dressed up in red, white, and blue because today's Patriot day and today's the day that 9-11 crashed," says little Baylee Grisel.

While they were just a few years old in 2001, they know exactly what happened on this day 7 years ago, and how it's changed our country.

"There were a lot of bad people in the world and someone wanted to hurt America really bad. They thought by crashing jet into the biggest towers that have ever been built, thinking that that would crush America. But they were wrong because on September 12th it was just a new day and every American just acted in any normal way," said Jake Lancaster.

"Some people escaped from the Twin Towers but most didn't survive and it was a sad day when Dr. Bryan C Jack died on the plane," said Harrison Willingham.

"9-11, a lot of people died and a lot of people escaped from the building before it crashed and it was a sad day," said Konnor Hitchcock.

Growing up in a post 9/11 world, the kids say they understand and appreciate changes in America.

"Thankful that now we have more things that are protected. We have stuff like at airports where hijackers can't get in," said Baylee.

True patriots who look up to this local hero as their inspiration.

Dr. Bryan Jack was a graduate of Robert E. Lee. He worked at the Pentagon for more than 20 years. The plane he was on, Flight 77, crashed just 200 feet from his office.

Courtney Lane, reporting. clane@kltv.com