Gregg County Fair moving forward with new attractions, food

It's that time again - for funnel cakes, cotton candy, and lots of screams. Here's a hint - it's all at the Gregg County fair. And, this year, there's some new rides and new taste at the fair.

KLTV 7's LaKecia Shockley gives you a little sneak preview.

"You been cooped up all year, gas prices are high. You hadn't been able to go nowhere. Come out here and bring your family," said Billy Clay, the Gregg County fair director.

It's the tallest and one of the newest Gregg County fair attraction.

"The ride actually goes up and you wait a little bit and it drops," said George Brackeen, the fair organizer. "It feels like some floor is getting out underneath you!"

Another new attraction - a swinging ship.

"So this is super-pirate ride. This is the pirate ride that's got East Texas stirred up!"

For you fair food lovers - this year, fried foods are in.

"The fried twinkies and the fired pickles are new this year. We haven't ever had them out here before and it's a lot of good food out here."

And how do they taste? "I love them...the twinkies I haven't tried yet, but the fried pickles I'm hooked on."

If pickles isn't your thing, they've got turkey legs, which I hear is Mark Scrito's favorite.

And for the kiddies, it's the new circus trolley ride with your favorite characters.

Oh, and did I mention the food?

"Jalapeno cheese sausage..Corndogs, sausage on a stick, sausage sandwich and hamburgers. Come on out to the fair and have a good time!"

Despite the forecast, the fair is still set - for now - to run through Saturday. Gates open tonight at six. Admission is 5 dollars, and kids under 6 are free.

Thursday features the Miss Gregg County Fair pageant.

LaKecia Shockley, reporting.