UPDATE: Beaumont evacuates, city of Tyler prepares; ambulance rolls out

Forecasters expect the center of hurricane Ike to reach land this weekend somewhere between Corpus Christi and Houston, and that means massive evacuations this morning along the south Texas coast in cities like Galveston, Beaumont, and Corpus Christi.

Babies in need of neonatal care were part of the first group to be evacuated. More buses are headed to Corpus Christi today to help residents there move inland to safety.

Although the storm is not here yet, south Texas gas stations are already running out of fuel.

This morning, local ambulances rolled out from Tyler. According to ETMC EMS, they'll be moving medical evacuees from Pasadena, about 60 miles inland.

Six ambulances with 14 paramedics and one RD van moved out to join five other ambulances already down there.

Tyler city officials are working to make sure everything's in place for the evacuees headed here. They'll hold a press conference this afternoon to tell us their plans.

This morning, city officials told KLTV 7 that buses were already in route from the Beaumont area, so the first group of evacuees could be in east Texas within the next few hours.

So, it's crunch time for the city.

This morning, street crews were out around Faulkner Park, setting up signs and getting the city's reception area set up.

Meanwhile, local and state officials are working to make sure resources are in place for the special needs evacuees slated to arrive.

And like when Gustav hit, the Salvation Army is making plans to set up one of it's mobile canteen units at Faulkner Park.

So, this process is well underway, and of course, we'll bring you the latest as more information comes in.

Layron Livingston contributed to this report.

Cathryn Khalil / ckhalil@kltv.com