ET Biggest Cowboys' Fan: McMillan Supports Cowboys All The Way Through Heaven's Gates

You can tell from her car that Marion McMillan is a big Cowboys fan. You can tell from her garage, and her Cowboys room, and her jewelry.

You can especially tell from her funeral plans.

"I've told them that I wanted to be buried in a Roger Staubach jersey," Marion said.

Yes, Marion wants to proudly display her Cowboys colors even into the afterlife.

"Oh, I've thought about it for a long time but I know you don't go vocalizing those things," she laughs. "People will think you've lost it."

"I'm going to have a silver casket with blue inside, and a blue Staubach jersey."

She admits it's a little "kooky," but she's been a fan all of her life. Her family eventually understood.

"My daughter looked at me like I'd lost it," she laughs, "and I said, it just makes sense. You know I'm going to watch it, I watch it every year, I never miss it, and she said it makes sense, but she said I need to get it down in writing."

She's been a fan all of her life, and the Cowboys, especially Staubach and Landry represent the best of times.

"Those are the good old days," Marion said. "You can't take that away."

So one more time, a Cowboys fan is counting on Roger Staubach to lead them to the promised land.

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