Two Convenience Store Clerks Killed, Four Convenience Stores Robbed

An overnight murder/robbery spree Wednesday leaves two people dead and four stores robbed.

A black male and female are believed to be responsible for four armed robberies stretching from Gladewater, to Longview, then all the way to Mt. Pleasant.

A young woman was killed about 7:15 Wednesday at the corner market convenience store in Gladewater, then another young male clerk was shot and killed at Longview's Buy Low convenience store on Estes Parkway.

Just minutes before the two robbery and murder suspects ended a clerks life they were seen here at the EZ Mart in Gladewater.

Surveillance video matches the description, Gladewater police say, of the young black female and male who wanted more than money from the corner market convenience store clerk Wednesday night.

"They entered the store shot the clerk with an unknown caliber hand gun," says Gladewater Police Chief Jimmy Davis.  "They airlifted the clerk to Tyler where she later died."

Police say the clerk gave them the surveillance tape in exchange for her life.  They shot the 24-year-old clerk anyway. Then while Gladewater Police and the East Texas Violent Crimes Task Force were trying to get a handle on the Gladewater murder the suspects struck again.

Longview's New Way on Green Street robbed, the money taken, but the clerk left with his life, this time.

"Officers were still out there when the other one came in at 23:59," says Sgt. Mike Bishop. "You're talking a difference of 20-21 minutes from when the second one occurred."

A 25-year-old young man working at the buy low on Estes Parkway became the deadly duo's second victim.  Inside, Longview Police say the victim struggled, but was allegedly shot in the chest, again by the female.

"Robbery is the motive, but there appears to be no reason why the individual was shot. That hasn't been determined yet," says Sgt. Bishop.

The Violent Crimes Task Force also hasn't officially tied a 2 a.m. Mt. Pleasant robbery to the Longview and Gladewater robbery-murders, but they're trying.

"It's devastating when we have something like this, I hate it when it happens. Hopefully we will find the ones who did it," says Chief Davis.

"After a nightlong, thorough investigation the East Texas Violent Crimes Task Force arrested two suspects in Camp County on separate charges, but who are considered the prime suspects in the robbery/murders.

A 23-year-old black male from Pittsburg and 16-year-old black female from Mt. Pleasant were arrested after hiding out from East Texas authorities. Murder charges on the two are expected.