After high speed chase and shots fired, Tyler police arrest burglary suspect

An attempted burglary, a high speed chase, shots fired, and an injured officer. But now, Tyler police say they have their man.

After searching for him all night, 18 year old Everson Victor finally turned himself in this morning to police. He is suspected of trying to break into a pharmacy last night in Tyler.

He's being held on a $100,000 dollar bond, and as KLTV 7's Courtney Lane explains, police say his reckless behavior could easily have taken the life of a local officer.

Tyler police say it's a miracle officer TJ Goodpasture is only suffering from major bruising.

"We just thank God that the officer wasn't hurt worse than what he was because he certainly could have been killed very easily."

At one point in the chase, Goodpasture had Victor blocked.

But he plowed through, striking the officer. Authorities say officers fired 7 rounds in defense.

But Victor got away, leading officers on a chase at speeds reaching 100 miles an hour. He would eventually crash on County Road 381 and flee on foot.

This was the scene last night as police set up a perimeter and called a K-9 unit to search the woods.

But where it all started was The Medicine Shoppe pharmacy, which police say Victor tried to burglarize, and it was a place Victor knew all too well.

"He was nice. He had a good personality," said Carey Prosperie, the owner of The Medicine Shoppe pharmacy.

Victor used to work there as a pharmacy intern, but the owner soon suspected him of stealing drugs.

They had even turned over surveillance video as evidence, and they think last night's attempted burglary could have been revenge.

"He's not very smart to be doing that because now he's ruined his life," said Prosperie.

"He was a nice guy so I hate that he did this and hate that he's going to have more charges," said Kristina Ivy.

The 18 year old is already charged with aggravated assault on a public servant and evading arrest.

"Maybe he'll learn from it, straighten up," said Ivy.

Tyler Police say Goodpasture will be out for several days, but he'll be okay.

Courtney Lane, reporting.