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Kung Fu Fighting

Kung Fu kicks and powerful punches have changed 10 year old Dylan's life.

"When we first started he couldn't even touch his toes and now he can bend down and put his hands on the ground," says Dylan's mom.

Even though this pint sized power house looks like your average kid -- he battles autism. But Kung Fu has made a big difference.

"It helps the parts of the brain that aren't working to connect together," says Dylan's mom Lisa.

The repetition on the movements helps Dylan's motor skills, cognitive skills, and self-esteem. Something even his instructor has noticed.

"He's gotten more vocal better eye contact, more relaxed with kids," says Brandon Jones.

In just 8 months time -- he's become quite advanced.

Dylan now talks to people with greater ease and his mom says he can hold his attention much better.

"It's helped his body and his mind he's just come such a distance since we've been here- he's my biggest hero," says mom.

He's a big inspiration to martial arts masters and kids with autism everywhere

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