Benton More Than Just A Face in the Lobos Crowd

In 62 years, D.A. Benton has seen a whole lot of Lobo football.

A former Longview Mayor, D.A. has not missed a Lobo home game since 1947.

"The Lord's been so good to me we have not missed a game," D.A. said. "Back in 1947, we had a good team and man you had to line up downtown to get tickets. I got tired of that. So, I bought three season tickets."

D.A.'s love for the Lobos began a decade earlier.

"I think my wife was responsible," he laughed. His wife of 71 years, Kathryn, graduated a year before the lobos 1937 state championship. She introduced the Arkansas native to the team. At age 94 D.A.'s is still in the stands but not as much as he'd like.

"Well the last two years, I haven't gone out of town because I've gotten a little old," he laughed.
Sixty-two straight years of Lobo football and D.A.'s seen a lot of changes: integration, turf fields and video scoreboards. The faces next to him have changed too.

"Most of my people that I sit up there with, they're really all gone. Of course you know when you are 94 most of your friends are gone."

Over the year's D-A's watched the greats like Bobby Taylor, Malcolm Kelly and Vondrell McGee.

"Bobby Taylor I guess is number one and he's a gentleman too."

Last Friday night, the Lobos honored D.A. with a jersey for cheering them on all these years. He was too humble to say much about it. But he does know he's still got quite a few more games to attend.

"When I pass and go to be with the Lord, I'll stop going," he said, "but I don't intend to until then!"