Gregg County Victims of Murder Spree

The overnight East Texas robbery-shooting rampage has taken two lives.  One who came to the country in search of freedom and prosperity.  Another, a hometown girl who wanted to be part of her community.

The incidents in Gladewater and Longview have many East Texans asking how it could happen here. The first victim was 24 year old Wendy Macdonald who had only worked at the Country Market in Gladewater for a couple of weeks. Her co-workers say she was bright and always pleasant and extremely happy. She was just married and looking forward to starting a family.

25 year old Ali Kihan was the second victim in the shooting spree.  He's an immigrant from Pakistan and had worked at the family business for several years. He and his family were well liked by neighbors, and they often gave credit to those with no money.  Friends were staggered by the news of his death.

Autopsies have been ordered in both cases.