Flint man's home burns to the ground in overnight fire

At least three Smith County fire crews battled to save a home early this morning, in Flint.

A man was sleeping in his home on Smith County Road 167 when the fire broke out around 1 this morning. Fortunately, he managed to get out alright. Today, he spoke with KLTV 7's Layron Livingston as he tried to salvage whatever he could from the ashes.

"It was just the truck on fire....going up to the ceiling and spreading out."

Mark Murphree fell asleep in his dream home.

"I built it myself, pretty much, 25 years ago...I've been living here ever since."

But he woke up to a nightmare.

"I was asleep....I was asleep and luckily I heard it," said Murphee.

The flames lit up the sky this morning. Mark says he heard popping coming from the garage. He parked his truck there last night. Officials say thats where the fire started.

"I couldn't even get into the garage....I had to spray the water hose through the door on this side," said Murphree.

Mark says the heat from the fire was so intense, it melted his garage door opener. He called 911, but pretty soon, the fire was too big for him.

"I ran out...and I came back into the house, twice to get some valuablesm and after the second time, I couldn't hardly...couldn't come back in. The smoke was too thick...I couldn't see...I was just feeling along the walls," said Murphree.

After battling one element, he and a neighbor are dealing with another - this morning's rain.

They're trying to save and move whatever they can with the ashes, still smoldering.

"All my tools....ain't no telling how many thousand dollars worth of tools. I only have a hammer now," said Murphree.

It's a tough pill to swallow for the man who builds and remodels homes for a living. Mark is also uninsured. Now, he's just trying to move on with whatever he can.

"I hate to see it go, but....there's nothing I can do about it now," said Murphree.

It's still not known what set the truck on fire, the homeowner says friends have already offered to help him clear the home site.

Layron Livingston, reporting. llivingston@kltv.com