Gov. Perry activates 7,500 troops in face of Ike hit on Texas

Gov. Perry has once again authorized state active duty deployment for up to 7,500 Texas soldiers and airmen in response to Hurricane Ike, which is threatening the Gulf Coast.

What started with Hurricanes Dolly, Edouard and Gustav, is now being dwarfed by what Texas officials say is a very dangerous Hurricane Ike. State preparations started Sunday at an estimated 120 hours prior to expected landfall.

For Texas military forces, Ike's current preparations are made up of pre-and post landfall assistance and include ground and air evacuation hubs, bus fueling points, management of staging areas for evacuation buses, points of distribution operations and shelter management.

All available air assets are being reconfigured for search and rescue and medical air evacuations.

Cathryn Khalil /