UPS driver reaches milestone - one million miles with the same truck

You've heard of milestones. Well, how about one million of them?

As KLTV 7's Layron Livingston found out, this relationship has already lasted more than two decades for one east Texas UPS driver. It's a special anniversary for a man and a very special machine.

It's just another day on the job for Brent Boyd, but around the UPS shipping center in Palestine, Brent is more commonly known as the 'million mile man.'

"I had people all day long hollering how many miles you got, and I'd tell em...I'd say I got a million and one...million and ten," laughed Brent.

We loaded up with the million mile man 22 years to the day after he began driving for UPS, and he has the plaque to prove it. 22 years in the same UPS brown package car, #507903, or just 903 for short.

"I spent...don't know how many hours just looking out this windshield right here. I brought her up here with me and she's moved route to route."

Brent transferred to the Palestine center back in '89, but under one condition.

"I told them I'd come as long as I could bring my truck with me."

She only had a 124 miles on her at the time. 22 years later, the two are inseparable.

"I know how she feels and how she's supposed to feel," said Brent.

Back in June, the company even asked Brent if he wanted another truck, but after looking at the odometer, Brent was determined to go for the million.

Today, on their anniversary, that moment arrived.

From all nines, the odometer rolled over to all zeroes - one million miles.

"She did a little spry filly," said Brent.  Apparently, this old girl has a few years left in her.

"I'll drive her as long as they leave her in my slot," said Brent.

He may just have to be buried with her - "I guess it'd make a big hole in the ground," laughed Brent.

The company says it's common for its big rigs to roll over a million miles, but it's extremely rare for its boxy brown package cars, especially with the same driver behind the wheel.

Layron Livingston, reporting.