How well do you know those caring for your family?

Just how well do you know the people you hire to take care of your elders? KLTV 7's LaKecia Shockley talks to one elderly east Texas woman who says she had no idea her hired help was stealing from her right in her own home.

"She knew everything about me...She had my life in her hands."

92 year old Ilalie Robinson is legally blind. That's why she depended on her in-house nurse, Regina Tatum, to help her out.

"She wrote out my bills for me and I signed the checks...but this check she tried to pass she had tried to sign my name and they knew down there that it wasn't my signature," said Robinson.

Tatum, also known as Regina Jacobs, worked at Jordan Health Services in Longview.

Longview Police say she has been charged with forgery in this case.

Robinson says Tatum opened credit cards in her name.

"When she'd go buy my groceries. She'd buy her some...she brought quite a bit a things at Wal-Mart on my card."

Longview Police say people need to do their homework before hiring someone to help care for family members. A couple of tips - run your own background check, and always ask for references.

"If you can find a family friend or somebody to help with their finances and not having home health care people write checks and not have to deal with that person's financial information that would be all the better," said Kevin Brownlee with the Longview Police Department.

Now, all Robinson has left is her social security money to survive.

"She just...I just can't believe it, still can't believe that she would do that to me."

Jordan's Health Services, where Regina Tatum worked, tells KLTV they did do a background check on Tatum, but her criminal history did not warrant them to not hire her.

After an investigation into the allegations, Tatum was fired.

Longview Police are still investigating this incident and more charges could be filed.

LaKecia Shockley, reporting.