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An Every Day Hero - Billy George Vaticalos

During this hurricane season, we've heard a lot of stories about people reaching out and helping those in need. That's why we felt it so fitting to recognize Billy George Vaticalos as this month's Everyday Hero.

You see, Billy has a knack for helping friends, family - even total strangers - every day, no matter what the weather. At 70 years old, he still works full time and enjoys restoring antique cars. But despite his busy schedule, Billy always finds time for others. Friends tell us that he regularly cares for many elderly friends, offering help with meals, doctor visits and trips to the grocery store. It was because of his giving heart that Billy's aunt was able to spend her last years living independently - while he provided her with healthy meals, caregiver support and weekly trips to the beauty salon. 

Billy never thinks twice when he gets a call for help - whether it comes from a friend, church member, charitable organization or total stranger. It's people like Billy George Vaticalos that help those around him weather any storm - and most of all, make this A Better East Texas.


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