Royal Rangers award three of East Texas' own with high honor

City of Tyler Mayor Barbara Bass was on hand at Victory Assembly of God, Sunday night, to present David Woodbury, 17, Josh Husketh, 16, Jordan Husketh, 8, with medals for their courage and valor.  All three boys are members of the Royal Rangers.  On Memorial Day weekend, they helped save two other boys from drowning in a backyard swimming pool.

The boys said all they did was answer the Royal Ranger call of duty.

"Whenever I saw them drowning, I was just thinking how could I get them out of the water," said Josh.  He used a pool skimmer to help pull the boys from the water.

"I thought they were just horse playing, and when I saw them struggling--their faces were red, their eyes were bulging--I knew something was wrong," said David.  Jordan said he's just glad they are still alive.  He was in the pool and risked drowning to save the two boys.

The two older boys received medals of courage.  Jordan received a medal of valor.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.