Minister Charged in Wife's Murder

41 year old Michael Tabb voluntarily surrendered to the Smith County's Sheriff's Department late Wednesday afternoon.

The Methodist minister's wife Marla was found murdered in the First United Methodist Church Parsonage last Monday. Then Mr. Tabb told investigators he'd come home to find his wife beaten.

Smith County Sheriff's investigators said Wednesday, their case, while still continuing, is solid against Tabb.

Forensic evidence from the scene revealed blood was found in the suspect's truck. Blood that was allegedly cleaned up and could only be identified with the chemical luminol.

"We have found blood on his shoes and it wasn't just on the sole of his the shoe," says Sheriff J.B. Smith. "It had obviously been cleaned up or an attempt to clean up his shoe, but we found blood underneath his shoe laces and shoe lace eyes."

All of the blood evidence is being sent to Dallas for DNA testing. Investigators also say both Marla and Michael Tabb's families are cooperating, telling them, there was a history of marital problems, both verbal and physical in their four year marriage.

As for the Tabb's two children, ages two and six weeks, they are currently being kept in separate homes. One is staying with Mr. Tabb's parents, the other is with a church member.

Michael Tabb's already out on 50-thousand dollars bond.