Parents Haunted By Child Abductions

Parents of a baby kidnapped in Abilene were fortunate to get their child back within 24 hours. The infant, Nancy Chavez, was taken from her mother's mini-van Tuesday afternoon. Investigators say her mother Margarita Chavez, was dropping off a shopping cart a few feet away.

The intense hunt for Nancy ended Wednesday, when the suspected kidnapper Paula Roach showed up at her mother's place of work with the baby. Employees called police, and Roach was arrested for aggravated kidnapping.

The case may be closed, but it's caused more concern for parents across the U.S. and in East Texas.

Bill Fisher, a grandfather of two, says he's keeping his two grand-sons in arms reach after hearing about the latest abduction case. Fisher and his wife were vacationing with the boys in Tyler Wednesday afternoon.

"It would just tear grandparents and parents apart to have something like that happen," said Fisher.

Kristi Hachtel whose baby is just a few months old, says she can relate to Margarita Chavez. Hachtel says she doesn't leave her baby in the car for even a second, and she locks the door as soon as her child is fastened in.

"I make sure that every precaution is taken to make sure she's safe and that wherever we go she's right there with me," said Hachtel.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says a child should never be left alone in a vehicle, whether the vehicle is running or not.