Self defense expert teaches in Longview

A world class self defense instructor who's taught combat troops for the navy and marines and police forces around the world, teaches classes to Longview residents.  Instructor Leslie Buck was at Longview's Tae Kwon Do Studio Saturday teaching techniques that he says we all may need at one point in our lives.

"If you don't prepare yourself and secure yourself and your family right, then you're putting yourself in danger, so that's what they're looking for is a way to be secure and to protect themselves when the inevitable happens," said Buck.  He has an impressive resume, having taught DPS troopers, several foreign police forces and American combat units.  His techniques in stick fighting help the average person fight back with whatever weapon is available.

"I think the most important thing is they get the mentality that you and you and you alone are the one that's going to be there to protect yourself when you're attacked, no one else is going to be there until afterwards and, so they are developing the mind set that they will prepare themselves their minds their bodies and practice the techniques to protect themselves when they need it," said Buck.  What Buck is teaching is very simple, anything can be used as a defensive weapon, a broom handle, a hammer, even a sturdy stick, provided you have some training.

"If somebody approaches you the wrong way, you automatically focus, you look around you survey, survey your surroundings," said Longview resident Martin King.  Buck is the main instructor at Tactical Arts Academy in Austin, TX.  He says his pride is teaching those who protect us, our troops.

"The heroes that are going out and fighting terrorists," said Buck.  Around 50 people attended Buck's classes Saturday.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.