Mission Tyler finishes home for woman who lost hers to fire

Rebuilt out of the ashes.  In April, we told you about Carolyn Calloway, a single mom battling cancer whose home burned down.  Well ever since, a mission group has been rebuilding the home and Saturday, were proud to say were putting on the finishing touches.

Ever since that tragic day more than four months ago, they've been working around the clock. Armed with hammers and paintbrushes, the collaborative effort has gone on, despite thieves striking and stealing things in the middle of the night.

"It's time for her to have something good to happen," said Tommy McAlister, in an interview in June.   And now that time is here.  Carolyn and her two sons are moving in to their new home this week.

"When it gets to this point, it's gets kind of fun," said Travis White with Mission Tyler. "This is where you welcome the family home and see the smile on their face and kind of have a little homecoming deal to where they walk in for the first time and see what was born out of the ashes, so to speak."  A lot of youth has been involved in the project.  Saturday, some students from the Brook Hill School were putting on the finishing touches.

"I heard the story about her," said volunteer Michelle Nie.  "I feel really sorry about her, and I'm so happy I can do something for her today."

"It's something I can kind of relate to in a way because my mom's a single mother too, and it kind of makes me feel even better about doing it," said volunteer Regan Dismukes.

"You feel really good in here," said Nie.  The students have been learning and reaping the rewards of helping others in need, and Calloway is extremely grateful.

"She's super excited," said White.  "I mean she's been through a lot with the house fire, plus raising the two boys, and she's in some stage of getting over cancer, so it's been tough on her, but it's cool that somebody like Mission Tyler and all of our volunteers could come along."

"She's a really brave lady," said Nie.   A gift of labor and love that is now complete.  Mission Tyler is trying to find a good deal and help with flooring right now.  That is all that's is left to do, and the Calloway's are still moving in this week.

Courtney Lane, Reporting  clane@kltv.com