Man Charged With Shooting Death of Son

43 year old Gerry Don McKinney was charged with the murder of his 19 year old son after an argument early Wednesday morning boiled over. And the elder shot his son in the face; killing him. Investigators say the two had a rocky father-son relationship. The pair is said to have had a history of problems between them. Around three o'clock Wednesday morning, McKinney and his 19 year old son Jeremy fought with one another at their Pine Tree area home.  The father then produced a 45 caliber handgun and shot his son. Wearing what sheriffs call a turtle suit, designed for inmates who are a suicide risk, McKinney was distant and indecisive in the courtroom. Neighbors who knew the younger McKinney were shocked to hear of his murder in their quiet neighborhood. Investigators believe alcohol was a contributing factor in the case. Several people were in the home when the shooting took place and police are now trying to put the pieces together on why it happened.