Kilgore's police chief wants to close Kilgore jail

Kilgore's police chief wants to move inmates out of the city's jail and into Gregg County jail.

Ronnie Moore says he's been trying to persuade city commissioners for several years to close Kilgore's jail.

The 40 year old jail can hold up to 12 inmates. Moore says the jail should be closed because of the lack of manpower to keep it running.

"I've got a volunteer jailer that comes in in the mornings and he actually works the jail during the morning hours but after that then I have to take a police officer off the street. So I lose manpower out on the street when we have to tend to the jail facility so I think it's just in the best interest," said Chief Moore.

Kilgore would have to pay $39.75 per day to house an inmate in the Gregg County jail. But Chief Moore says by doing that and shunting the jail down, the city would save two million dollars.

LaKecia Shockley, reporting.