Southern Baptists head out to help aid Gustav victims

They just finished serving more than 30 thousand meals to evacuees in east Texas, but one local organization is not done.

This morning, 15 members of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention Disaster relief team packed up and headed to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The town was hit hard earlier this week by hurricane Gustav and thousands there are still without power.

The group says it has the equipment to serve up to 5,000 meals a day.

"There is no electricity, so we are going to be using generators to use our equipment. The meals will be provided by the Salvation army. We will be staying at the Salvation Army there in Baton Rouge, so we will just turn our our meals and pray that people see this is from the Lord," said Mary Watts, who attends Friendly Baptist Church.

The disaster relief team will be there until September 14th.

Molly Reuter, reporting.