Krav Maga In Tyler

An intense form of martial arts is officially being taught for the first time in East Texas.

It is called Krav Maga.

It is taught to the Israeli Defense Forces and now local law agencies. While that sounds intimidating, any one at any age can learn the art.

"It's the most battle tested self defense program in the world," instructor Nathan Lundstrom told KLTV. "Anybody can learn Krav Maga. I would suggest self defense to anybody."

"It's a great workout and you also learn how to defend your life," Krav Maga student Bryan Chapman said.

"After each class you feel that much safer to walk down your street, that much safer to walk out alone or go running around your neighborhood," 17-year-old Casey Siriani said.

Krav Maga is an intense workout, combining strength and endurance.

"We teach safety training, so everything we do is in a completely safe enviornment," Nathan explained.

While training is safe, there are the occasional mishaps.

"Every once in a while you might catch a knee to the ribs or get hit in the nose or something like that," Bryan said.

"But, you're going to get hit on the street when you are fighting so you better get used to that," student Jeff Bell added.

"Angelina Jolie used it for the movie Tomb Raider," Nathan said. "Brad Pitt used it for the movie Troy. Even Christian Bale used it for Batman."

"I started here about 10 weeks ago," Jeff Bell said. "I had been taking Tae Kwan Do but I thought I would try something a little bit different because I think it has a lot more street application for me. We spend the whole hour working on street scenarios, street situations. I'm a human resources director at a college. This class really helped me relieve stress. I've been in it about nine weeks and I've lost 10 pounds."

KH Fitness in Tyler is the only place in East Texas where Krav Maga is being taught. For more information contact Nathan Lundstrom at (903) 590-9925 or visit