Rewards offered as tips begin coming in on robbery gang

Last night, we showed you the clearest survelliance photo that we have of the burglary gang who has been on a spree over the last few months. Within minutes of our story airing last night, authorities got numerous leads with phone calls and people dropping in with information.

We told you last night about the Pittsburg Burglaries yesterday morning probably linked to a so called "gang" potentially responsible for over 30 burglaries.

Pittsburg Police say around 3:00 am, the suspects hit the Dollar General Store on North Greer Boulevard, and the Family Dollar on South Greer Boulevard.

In a KLTV 7 exclusive, Danielle Capper shows us the surveillance video and tells us where these cases are now.

Chief Richard Penn released a video of two men in the Pittsburg Dollar General.

They broke into the safe and left with the money. But it's the first face of a man, and set of eyes, some of the most revealing video authorities have seen.

"We have gotten numerous calls," said Chief Penn.

Since last night authorities have gotten specific to help identify these men, but they still need more

"We need help from the public. All the law enforcement agencies are working together. The texas rangers have been brought in at this time to assist. Obviously there is someone out there that knows," said Chief Penn.

From the Dollar General, the suspects came to the Family Dollar, and went inside but authorities aren't even sure if they got away with anything. They then went next door to the cactus restaurant, cut the phone lines, but never made entry.

They're thought to be linked to crimes across east Texas. One of the first last October was in Pittsburg at the Pizza Inn.

"There does appear to be some similar characteristics as the burglary at the pizza inn and the others that are being investigated in this area."

Roxanne Warren with Gilmer Police also said since the authorities met in Winnsboro two weeks ago, they have solidified facts that these 30 plus cases are linked.

"We've actually been able to generate quite a since the videos have been showing on KLTV. We have some idea who these people are. We have been conducting interviews with people that may be witnesses or know people involved," said Warren.

They're looking for a group of people, different men seen in various surveillance videos.

"It's going to take a lot of time, information from the community and these agencies are going to have to continue to work together."

"If you could provide information that could lead to the arrest in any of those cases we offer a reward up to $10,000."