Texas fugitive found living in Lincoln Parish

Sidney Ira Campbell
Sidney Ira Campbell

A man who has been wanted by Texas authorities for eight years and is on both Texas' and America's most wanted list has been living in Lincoln Parish under the name of his deceased grandfather for about eight months.

"We've had several instances where officers have actually layed hands on him and he was able to get away from him or elude them by help from friends of his. A lot of them were helping him hide, staying in the woods," said Lietenant Reynold Umber with the Rusk County Sheriff's Department.

"He was excellent at evading us and one particular time we even had him up here in the Rusk County courthouse and he jumped out the window, took his grandfather's pickup and got away that way. So he is a an artist at escaping and getting away."

Authorities say Campbell recently was indicted on a charge of aggravated sexual assault of a child following an accusation by his girlfriend's daughter. When police came to arrest him at his mother's home in Kilgore, Texas, he escaped into the woods behind the house. While fleeing, he reportedly assaulted two officers.

Campbell is in Rusk County custody now, and was arraigned this morning on $25,000 bond on assault of a public servant and $75,000 bond on sexual assault of a child charges. He has not made bond.

Information from the Associated Press and the Rusk County Sheriff's Department.