A Better East Texas: Will Bonds Bomb?

Commentary Note:  When this commentary aired last week, I mistakenly included the statement that the Tyler school bond had an organized opposition.  While the Smith County jail bond does have an organized opposition, the school bond does not.  I am sorry for any confusion.

OK Tyler and Smith County voters here we go again.  The name is bond - jail bond and another consideration - school bond.  In November both bond issues will be on the ballot.  Tyler and Smith County voters have a long history of being stingy on approving bond packages no matter what the cause.  In fact, voters have rejected many more than they have approved.

So it is hard enough to get one bond package passed let alone two.  Both the jail and school bond proposals have merit and few would argue with the need for something to be done on both fronts.  All that said, both proposals have organized opposition.  But what I am most concerned about is the unintentional opposition caused by having both of them on the same ballot for tens of thousands of voters.  I believe many voters will feel they have to make a choice between the two.

And that is a shame and will probably doom one if not both proposals.  The solution is up to you. So go tour website to find the links, do your research and get educated. It is a tough decision and I would like your feedback.  You could send an early message to those promoting these propositions with an informed point of view and that will make for a better East Texas.