A Better East Texas:Political Bias

If you have ever wondered about nation-wide media bias I have some inside information you will find interesting. But first a little background. When television stations, like KLTV want to do a live report from another city we have to reserve satellite time which allows us to transmit reports from our reporters in distant locations, to our studios here in east Texas. Demand for this time, created by television media all over the world, increases dramatically during nationwide news events. Well, we are in the midst of two such events, the democrat and republican conventions.

Guess what happened when our KLTV news staff made arrangements to book satellite time for these two events? The democrat convention sold out within 5 minutes of it becoming available. On the other hand the Republican convention still had satellite time 2 days after it was first made available! 5 minutes vs 2 days. Quite a contrast.

This is further evidence that, as a voter, we need to be very careful about from where, and whom we get our information everyday.

Rest assured, that at KLTV, our goal is to be as fair and balanced as we can possibly be, including our coverage of both party conventions, because we want to make this a better east Texas.