Tyler Police Test Child Alert System

In kidnapping cases, police are in a race against time. The longer they wait, the colder the trail gets. But Tyler Police say they've installed a new program that may help them find missing kids before time runs out.

The software is called the Abduction Central Alert system. With the program, police can launch a massive child search by just clicking on a computer mouse, according to Officer Chris Moore with Tyler Police Department. When that data reaches another agency using the same program, they will in turn send the information to agencies within their 100 mile radius.

The program is not different than the Amber Alert system, says Officer Moore. It actually gives police a faster means of dispensing information during an Amber Alert.

Officer Moore says he can simply enter in a child's vital stats, scan in their picture and within seconds media and law enforcement agencies start receiving faxes and e-mails. The program can even be set up to alert individual pagers.

"Before this program, I was limited to a fax machine," said Officer Moore. "And I could only send those faxes out to a limited number of locations."

The Rusk County Sheriff's Department and Tyler Police have tested the system and say it runs smoothly. Both agencies had the program donated to them by the Southern Cruisers Motorcycle Club.