East Texan Discovery Scientist Semi-Finalist

13 year old Barney Canson is really good at the guitar. He writes and plays songs himself. But he's also really good at science. Barney's scientific journey began like many others, with a simple question.

"I basically just had a magnet and I thought it would be interesting to see if a magnet gets stronger if it gets colder or hotter."

So, he heated the magnet up to 100 C, and then froze it to below 0 with dry ice. Along the way he measured how much weight the magnet could lift. The discovery, "I found out that as a magnet gets colder, it gets stronger, and that as a magnet gets hotter, it gets weaker."

Barney's project took first place at the school science fair. And, first again at the regional fair, along with an honorable mention at the state fair. And, now, as a semi-finalist in the discovery channel young scientist challenge, he could win $15,000 in scholarships. But, along the way, he's learned something much more important.

"It made me feel proud of myself. Really, I was able to do a good science project. I learned a lot and I'm getting recognized for learning a lot."