Got Cash?

George Cornett was surprised to find out TXU never cashed his $42 dollar check back in 1992! Might not sound like much, but George is delighted, "I mean $42 dollars will buy several loafs of bread or, you know, fishing equipment."

Thousand of Texans are finding much more than, sometimes even hundreds of dollars.

It's called unclaimed property. It's money that ends up in the State Comptrollers office after it's been abandoned for 3 or more years. It's anything from: utility deposits, refunds, bank accounts and uncashed checks. Even businesses like the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce have racked up a couple bucks online. Laurie Brown found $270 dollars, "It was in 1994' and 1997' that somebody didn't cash a check that we gave to Golden Corral."

Since the state never legally takes this money, it doesn't matter if it's the kind that jingles or folds... your entitled to it's safe return.

Texas businesses, financial institutions and government agencies are required to report to the state any personal property they're holding that's considered unclaimed.

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