ET Biggest Cowboys' Fan: McNeese Gives Rare Access To Cowboys Shrine Room

It is not hard to find Danny McNeese's house. This Cowboys superfan stands out. Every game has been vital to Danny.

"For the longest time everything revolved around the Cowboys, the game," Danny's daughter Belinda said. "He couldn't miss a game. We couldn't go and do anything, if the Cowboys were on we were stuck at home."

Danny laughs. "I know games are played and everything but, half of them you can win, why can't you win all of them?"

Danny's fandom comes to life in a room of his house known as the Cowboys Room.

Wall to wall, ceiling to floor, Cowboys. Souvenirs, autographs, keepsakes, all kept in a room that's off limits to everybody, even his family. Once upon a time, it was his daughter's room. Now when she comes over, she doesn't even get to sleep there anymore

"No they have another bedroom for that," Belinda said. So, does she get to do anything in there?


Does she ever go into the Cowboys Room?  "When he's not looking," she laughed.

When asked what he thought when he looked at his room, Danny grinned from ear to ear. "I can't believe it's all in there."

"I wouldn't think of it any other way," Belinda said. "It would be unnatural for daddy not have that Cowboys room. It would be unnatural for him to not be a Cowboys fan because it's been such a part of our lives."

It's a big part of his life, but Danny is easing up. He went 38 years without missing a game until last year, when he spent Sunday with his Band of Brothers church group.

"He is a die hard fan, but he puts God first in his life," Belinda said. "He's my hero."

"I figured it would be on TV when I got home so I'd find the score then," Danny shrugged.

Reid Kerr reporting/

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