Where's Roscoe? After four days missing, local evacuee finds dog lost in mix

Of the thousands of evacuees here in Tyler, many of them brought animals with them to flee from the storm. Many were housed in the city's animal shelter at Harvey Hall. One family who fled here from Port Arthur brought their two dogs, but one went missing for days. Tonight, KLTV 7's Danielle Capper has the story of the search for Roscoe and the reunion.

"We arrived Friday night about midnight."

Dennis Limon and his family came to Tyler to flee Gustav's projected path, but they never expected this.

The storm spared them, but they had to stay - to search for their dog.

"An animal control person approached me and told me they could take care of my animals, if I wanted. I said, sure, why not?" said Limon.

His dogs, Roscoe and Buzzy, were taken from him Friday night to be processed through Faulkner Park, then to be sent to the Fairgrounds with the other evacuee animals, but Roscoe never made it.

"I thought they were just fine."

Monday morning, Dennis went to check on the dogs, and found out Roscoe had been put in one of the shelter's pet carriers, but the cage came apart and dog took off.

"This is an unfortunate thing that happened....I don't want to blame anybody, I just want to find him and go home."

Animal control had set up traps as soon as the dog went missing, and sent extra patrols to try and find him.

As soon as Dennis found out his dog was missing, he did his part, talking to neighbors who lived near Faulkner Park.

"He's my little Roscoe, precious little guy."

But after no sign of him, they headed back to Port Arthur.

"One of them did call back, said he'd seen him in his driveway just an hour and a half ago."

The neighbor couldn't catch him, but the sighting was enough to turn Dennis and Jeanie around.

"It's been four days. I'm sure he's starving to death that's why were putting food out everywhere trying to draw him back."

All afternoon they searched, then went to reserve a hotel for tonight.

"We decided to come back and have another look, sure enough we went all the way down the end of the block and there he was. I just couldn't believe it. I said there he is, there he is. He started running. I stopped the truck immediately and started running after him."

Dennis caught up to Roscoe.

"That's it. We got him. We're going to back to Port Arthur now," said Limon.

A happy reunion, with the Limons now leaving east Texas as a family again.

"He's going to sleep all the way home. Thank you so much."

Dennis also wanted to thank Tyler authorities, including animal control and the Sheriff's department, for helping him find Roscoe.

Danielle Capper, reporting. dcapper@kltv.com