Bullard soldier returns home today to his family

An east Texas soldier braves the wet weather and makes it home this morning. Army Corporal Daniel Barbour of Bullard has served in Baghdad and Sadr City for eight months. KLTV 7's Danielle Capper takes you to his homecoming.

They waited patiently for him to arrive, with balloons and all.

"Just waiting to see the boy. We are as anxious to see him as he is to see us," said Karol Barbour, Daniel's dad.

Despite many delays, his arrival was worth it.

After a long embrace to mom Sandy, Corporal Barbour met his niece for the first time, his older brother's first child, a 2 and half month old girl named Claire.

"I'm ecstatic. You have no idea," said Daniel.

Daniel, in his first deployment, repairs electronic control parts of tow missle systems, and performed other duties in the infantry.

"I'm very proud of Daniel. He's come so far on his own," said his father.

"He is serving his country and he loves his country and we love it too, and we are very glad that he is safe and sound at home," said Sandy, his mom.

Daniel is home for 18 days, and then will return, all fulfilling his childhood dream of being in the service.

"I know growing up my dad was stationed overseas and I used to go out and PT with the Marines and everything," said Daniel.

The time spent with fellow soldiers has taught him a lot about comradery and brotherhood.

"A lot happens and in the blink of an eye and your just glad you've got other people that can get you out of there. It's a heartfelt lesson," said Daniel.

So what will he do now that he is home?

"Everything I possibly can. Starting with IHOP!" he told us.

Corporal Barbour will go back overseas in a couple of weeks to serve another 8 months.

But while he's here, he has a meeting at Texas A&M to potentially join the Corp at that university.

Danielle Capper, reporting. dcapper@kltv.com