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Billy George Vaticalos of Longview

My nomination for an Everyday Hero is Billy George Vaticalos of Longview.  He is a 70 year old man, who works full time as a hairdresser and restores antique cars in his spare time.  That is but the tip of the iceberg.  Although he has a very busy lifestyle, he still finds time to take care of numerous elderly friends, performing all kinds of chores.  Whether it's a ride to a doctor's appointment, shopping for groceries or preparing a meal and delivering same - he never thinks twice when a friend calls, he's there.  On one occasion, after a friend had eye surgery and needed assistance with administering the necessary medication, he was there to put drops in her eyes for as long as he was needed - adjusting his schedule to accomodate her needs.   Up until her death, he cared for a beloved aunt in her late 80's;  he enabled her to live alone for as long as she lived  by arranging for full time sitters, housekeepers, and weekly trips to the beauty salon.  He saw that s!

he ate three healthy meals a day, preparing many of them himself and either bringing her to his home for meals or delivering them to her.  When he did not cook for her, he took her to many of her favorite places for dinner - one of which was Pinecrest Country Club; it was her very favorite place to go!

Billy is a wonderful friend; I have been a recipient of his largess in the form of delicious meals and delightful entertainment.  I feel very fortunate to have him as a friend to my husband and me.

He is an active member of Trinity Episcopal Church in Longview and personifies the Christian example by assisting those less fortunate than he; often times giving work to homeless men or donations to various charitable events.

He looks past surface appearances and does not judge people by what they have or do not have; only who they are.


Submitted by Phyllis

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