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Kenny Bynum

I would like to nominate my step-dad, although I call him my dad, Kenny Bynum.  Thirty one years ago, this 36 year old bachelor married a woman with three kids, 13, 10 and 7.  We had come from a horrible situation and were not the nicest kids to have around, especially for a first time father.  This man stuck by us and with us through thick and thin showing us what it was like to be a true family surrounded by love.  It truly saved our lives and turned us around.  You usually just hear the bad stories about step-dads and I want everyone to hear about a great one.  We lost this great man this past April and we miss him so much, but because of what he taught us, we are a strong, close family and know that we will survive this to.

 I have inserted a copy of a letter that I presented to him for Fatherâ s Day last year that says more about him than I could say here.  As I was that 13 year old, now 45 years old, I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to say these things to him before losing him.  So for all those â step-dadâ sâ  out there, donâ t give up.  You too can be someoneâ s heroâ ¦


There have been times were I have asked, â Can I..?  Will you..?  Is there any way..?      Do you think..?â    and of course you always answer ..

â What ever you needâ

There have been days that I have said, â I love you... Thank you... I appreciate...  Happy Birthday, Fathers Day, Anniversary, Merry Christmas...  â and of course you always sayâ ¦ â I love you, Thank You, Happy Birthday, Valentineâ s Day, Merry Christmas.â But on this Fatherâ s Day, I would like to tell you how thankful I am that you are more than my dad, but my â Fatherâ .  You have shown me what a true father is.

I am so thankful that you chose mom and her 3 brats (and we were brats at the time) to make a family with.  As a first time husband and father, I can only imagine the hesitation and fear there must have been at taking on not only a readymade family but a damaged one at that.  I thank God and you for having the faith and the love that it took to try.  If not for you, your love, your faith, and of course your perseverance, our family would not be what we are today.  A close, loving, happy and repaired whole family.

So how do you ever thank someone for giving you so much and never asking for anything in return?

The answerâ ¦..  To me I donâ t think you really can, because there really is no one right way or answer to that.  But you can certainly try.

So for today and for the rest of my days, I say  . . . . To me you are an awesome man, husband, friend, dad and father.

I thank you for choosing me.                              I LOVE YOU !!





Submitted by Brenda Farris

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