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Alison Ganske

I would like to nominate Alison Ganske as, not just an everyday hero, but as an extraordinary hero! At 3 months pregnant, in a bad relationship, and no where to go, Alison extended the most gracious offer I have ever recieved, a loving place to stay, and a chance to learn what the word "Family" really means. She fed me, clothed me, gave me a warm bed, made sure I got to work on time everyday, and has never asked a thing in return. She got me involved in her church and helped me in my decision to ask GOD into my life. She was there the day that my baby was born, holding my hand, giving every encouraging word she could think of, and praying with me as we waited for that first tiny breath. When her own family matters turned tides, she still held her hand out to me, and made sure that my child and I would be part of her future, just like one of her own children. Now we all live together, in a thrown-together family that I have no doubt GOD put together to teach us all a!

 lesson in love. Because of her, and now husband Weldon, I have the opportunity to be the mother I never would of believed myself capable. I cannot even begin to express in words how these wonderful people have completely changed my whole world, and every bit of it for the better. I love them so much. This extraordinary hero has taught me what "family" really can mean.

Submitted by CAITLIN
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