Parents and Kids Getting Ready for Back to School

If you haven't started shopping for your child's school supplies, this is what you're missing: pencils, crayons, notebooks and the list goes on and on and on.

"This is my second stop.  First I went to Wal-Mart and now Target but I still haven't got everything on the list," says Monique Jones.

"We are starting today because we meet the teacher tomorrow and bring our school supplies," says Brenda Gillam, "My fourth grader will cost around $30-$40 probably. In high school, it's more because they have calculators that are really expensive."

But is it all worth it?

I mean after all the new clothes and school supplies what about school do your kids enjoy?

"Um, P.E.," says Zack Ott, a fourth grader.

"I'm going to get to see my teachers and you're gonna have lots of homework," says Morgan Walters, a third grader.