City leaders say: Prepare today for Gustav's arrival

We're expected to see some flooding with heavy rains and wicked winds here in Tyler as early as tomorrow morning. Crews are on standby, testing equipment and getting ready to clean up damage as this storm moves through.

Police officers are providing security at the more than 20 shelters in Tyler. The reception area at Faulkner Park remains open as evacuees continue to trickle in. Since shelters here are now full, they're being diverted to other cities, like College Station and Huntsville.

"We've moved from the mode of creating shelters to now supporting shelters and at the same time we're in the mode of trying to make sure we're prepared for when the storm gets to us," said Chief Schlottach of the Tyler Fire Department.

"City crews will be working all of the major crossings. Bridges, culverts, to ensure that the creeks and drainage is adequate and to clear any flooding. All city crews have been placed on stand by for preparation to respond to the storm. Oncor has staged their crews in Tyler," said Mayor Barbara Bass.

City leaders are advising you to prepare for the storm as well. If you haven't already, take today to stock up on food, fuel, water, flashlights and batteries.

City activities are underway to prepare for the storm.

  • The Tyler Police Department will continue providing security at shelter sites;
  • The Tyler Fire Department will continue to staff the reception center until the storm reaches Tyler;
  • City crews will be checking all major street crossings, bridges and culverts to ensure drains and creeks are clear to prevent flooding;
  • All City crews have been placed on standby in preparation for responding to the storm;
  • Oncor has staged crews in Tyler to be able to quickly respond once the storm hits;
  • Testing of equipment (chainsaws and other hand equipment) in preparation for handling fallen trees; and,
  • The Service Center, which has a back-up power generator, is being prepared as it will be the hub for dispatching crews to deal with storm related issues.

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at the Tyler Police Station is operating 24 hours a day to manage the response to the emergency.

Courtney Lane contributed to this report. / Cathryn Khalil