Longview churches pitching in; animal shelter at rodeo grounds

Several Longview churches are pitching in to feed and shelter hundreds of those evacuees. New arrivals are given sleeping areas, food, and even a shower schedule, as many haven't had a hot meal or bath since leaving Louisiana. Some evacuees tell KLTV 7 they were turned away from other shelters before finally finding room here.

"We finally found ya'll, praise God...I was so joyful and happy and still happy now that we found some good people who'll help us," said Diana Price, who's from Thibodaux, LA.

"[We're going to] go relax in some cool air, and be able to sit down and stretch the legs out and everything," said Victor Tezino, an evacuee from Jasper.

The Spring Hill Shelter is expected to be at capacity by tonight, and other shelters will be opened on an as-needed basis.

Evacuees, are also getting help for some other important parts of their familes. Longview's Emergency Operation Center (EOC) has set up a temporary holding facility for pets of evacuees at the Longview Rodeo Grounds. Evacuees can bring in their pets to be kenneled provided they make frequent visits to care for them. The facility will be open as long as needed.

Bob Hallmark, reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com