Bright Girl Will Make Parents Proud

Tamenia is an active, talkative four year old; always eager to play. "She's very bright. She also has a real inquisitive nature about life and just about everything that's going on," says Patti Osborn with Child Protective Services. Tamenia is quick to point out who's on her T-shirt, "This is Tweety Bird," she says with a big smile. This youngster is in excellent health and has no medical problems. "There is nothing wrong with her physically, emotionally or psychologically." Osborn goes on to say, "She's just a real active bright little four year old girl who needs a forever family." In a soft voice Tamenia asks, "Do you want to take my picture?" Because of a background that includes neglect, this little bundle of energy has been living with her grandmother but she decided, out of love, that it would be best to find Tamenia a permanent home. The transition to a new family may take some time. Osborn explains, "It would be important for us to find someone who would still let her have contact, at least for a while, with her grandmother. They have a strong bond and she talks about her grandmother and says she loves her. Her grandmother is the only one that's been there for her." Tamenia would do best with a consistent, stable family. One that will keep her busy. She would do well with siblings. She's the type of child that will want to be involved in activities such as sports, dance, and school functions. "Just being with her at this stage, I would say she's going to be someone that's going to make parents very proud. She will probably go to college." Osborn adds, "She's just a very loving, giving child." At such a young age, the Gift of Love is crucial in helping Tamenia reach her potential. Osborn says, "If she gets the right parents that can nurture her and let her just bloom, I mean, the skies the limit!"

If you'd like to know more about Tamenia, or about how to become a foster or adoptive parent, call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-kids-275.