Jiu-Jitsu Master In Tyler

While half of the football teams in Texas are still dreaming of the undefeated season, today someone was in Tyler who went unbeaten in his sport for twenty-two full years.

The legendary Relson Gracie was at Lone Star Mixed Martial Arts Gym today. One of the world's most famous and respected martial arts masters, the jiu-jitsu legend once went undefeated for more than twenty-two years.

In his class, Gracie wanted to make sure his students learned more than just fighting techniques.

"Oh, it's a hundred percent," Gracie said. "You teach jiu-jitsu, jiu-jitsu comes as a package. Discipline, honest, loyalty, respect, friendship in the match. I don't teach jui jitsu to fight, I teach it for people to defend yourself.

Mayor Barbara Bass declared today "Relson Gracie Day" in Tyler.

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